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An exploded isometric view of the ITER/MITICA beam source

Millions of watts of heating power can be delivered to the plasma using neutral beam injection—the work horse of ITER's external heating methods. A research and development program is underway to test the critical heating neutral beam components before the manufacturing phase is launched.


On 20th January 2017, the Deputy Director-General of ITER Organization, Gyung-Su Lee, and the Director of  Fusion for Energy, Johannes Schwemmer, met in Padua (Italy) with the responsibles of the NBTF Projects, from ITER, Fusion for Energy, IPP and Consorzio RFX, to measure the progress in construction and manufacturing and agree the key pillars for planning and strategy.

The three multi-secondary transformers, produced by INDA to feed the acceleration grid of SPIDER, the ion source prototype of ITER neutral beam injection system, have been placed on their pits at the NBTF plant in Padova. The Transformers will feed 150 power supply modules located on HV racks inside the building and connected in series at the output such to produce un to 96kV and 75A. Therefore, also the secondary windings of the transformers, and their connecting cables passing through the wall, have to be insulated for a voltage up to 96 kV with respect to ground. For this reason, innovative technologies for HV insulation have been developed, such us big resin insulators, resin feedthroughs, water-proof ducts and so on.
With the completion of the installation actives, carried out under the joint supervision of INDA and NBTF teams, the site test phase will start. After the acceptance of SPIDER AGPS, the NBTF Team will integrate it with CODAS and Interlock plant systems and perform integrated tests.


A European Doctoral initiative on Fusion Science and Engineering has been undertaken among the Universities of Padova, Lisbon and Munich aiming at combining two formal participation modalities in the same Doctoral programme course.

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In this section, a combination of different educational and information content is given. Here you can download, for personal use, photo collections, videos, textbooks and brochures on fusion science and technology and on research at Consorzio RFX.

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